Studyng for 3 months using varios exam prep for Sec +

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Hi Everybody!

I am a newbie on this site. Currently I have A+, Network +, and trying to obtain my Sec + certificate. Since I started training I watch Professor Messor Videos, Plural Soft Videos, Darrel Gibson Security Book, Darrel Gibson Practice Test, and Sybex eTest prep.

I am not sure why it is taking me so long to get passing grade on these test prep. Is it a good idea to use multiple test preps to prepare for this exam? Any ideas on other prep tools which help me take this test and get it over with?


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    Schedule it, pass it, be done with it.

    I only used D. Gib's book and my own prior knowledge (Which wasn't much) and passed. I think with your resources, you should be well prepared. Use D. Gibson's test questions - the questions he asks are more 'this is why this is the answer' vs 'this is the answer'. If you get what I mean.

    Good luck!
    Kindly doing the needful
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    Thanks I will definately take the exam then!
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    if you want to use multiple test preps of course it is going to take you 3months-2 years. I personally only used the d. gibson book and his site which I am sure I could of passed without. In all honesty, if you read through the forums, people directly and indirectly tell you what they had on the exam *TRUTH* I honestly vote against using multiple sources, when 3 people are trying to tell me how to boil a egg in 3 different ways…that egg gets fried! I passed the Security+ in 3 weeks. with only that book, but you have to read more than 5 pages a day icon_thumright.gif
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    I bought Dans book and am going through the exams on his site, plan on taking the test next week, I don't think add other sources is need based on the feedback on this site, lets see how I do and we will know.
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