Course advice - 70-680 v 70-685

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can anyone tell me what the difference is between: i.e: difficulty? Server 2008/AD involvement? general thoughts/impressions?

70-680 Windows 7 configuration?

70-685 PRO: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Support Technician?

Both of these courses have been offered by different providers however 70-680 also comes with studying for exams to do with Microsoft networking fundamentals 98-366 mta and Microsoft server admin fundamentals: 98-365 MTA

70-685 Windows 7 course is an elearning course lasting 16 hours from a training company called QuickCert. I find it hard to fathom that all you need is 16 hours of elearning to be prepared for the real exam?

I'm sure this probably has been asked before but I am unable to find the answers to this question. Would doing either of these courses lead to an MCTS once the exam is passed?

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