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Hi, I'm getting ready to take my Network+ exam next month. I feel prepared as far as the multiple choice questions go. But what I want to know is this: how difficult are the simulation questions? I'm not quite sure what to expect as far as simulations go.


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    they also made me nervous too though they are bit challenging but, the only way to pass the performance based question is to practice what you have been learning, really they are scenario based questions you will be performing those scenario based questions in a console or a virtual lab. i would recommend that you google some network simulators or network virtual lab and practice along with what you learning at that time.

    If this does not help refer to this for some solid information from the CompTIA website: How to Prepare for Performance-Based Questions
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    As far as the simulation questions go, you will probably see all of them up front as the first 7-10 questions. I think I recall one where I had to put the OSI model in order and then there was one where I had to match protocols to ports. Good luck, i'm sure you'll do fine! icon_thumright.gif
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    I took the exam about a month ago, and my recommendation to you is to study how to wire an ethernet cable, wireless antenna types, and subnetting. There were simulations on all of those and subnetting gave me the most trouble.
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    I took the exam a couple months ago. Before taking it, I came across some advice that I will pass on to you. This really helped me with time management during the test: Flag all the simulations for review, and skip them.

    The simulations will be the first questions on the exam, and once you skip them, you can move on to the quicker multiple choice questions. Once you get the multiple choice completed, you can then go back to the simulations and concentrate more on them. This way you won't spend all your time on the simulations and not have time to complete the multiple choice.

    As it was, I still had plenty of time to review the simulations and go through the multiple choice again to re-check my answers. It paid off, and I passed with 846/900.

    Good luck!
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    Dont worry about the simulations bd828. If you know the material and how things should look, then when they give you a puzzle you will be able to put it all together without a problem. So right now if I say you live next to me and joe lives on the other side and our wireless channels are 1 and 6, what wireless channel would you choose for your house? Basically for a simulation you just take what you know and apply it! Good Luck!
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