1 hour per day study - objectives?

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Hello all, I have 1 hour per day for 5 days a week until september. So approx 120 hours.

Is Linux+ feasible? Also is there anywhere I can get a structured study plan that could fit into this? I have Linux+ sybex book at home but im remote at the moment so need online stuff. Should I maybe get the kindle version? And is it actually worth it?

Many thanks


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    I can tell you from my experience I have found that it takes me an hour just to sink into the material and I never look to study for less than 2 hours, because it has no effect on me. I don't know about you though, but I would suggest you organize your week properly and study 2h every other day rather than 1h every day. I believe you will take more out of it. On those days of no study, take 10min before bed and run through the notes of a previous study day.
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    Thanks, I have an hour free at work you see, I could make it so 2 hours on the same topic but it would be spread over 2 days. That could be good to get it to sink in though but it essentially reduces the amount of topics I can study.

    Think I can get through all the material in 120 hours?
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    I think an hour a day is good enough. Anything longer than that and the mind starts to wander.

    You could check out the urban penguin free videos on YouTube for linux+.. That would be structured. You could watch the video than go find that topic in your book and read.

    Books wise I'd recommend command line a complete introduction by shotts and Linux bible by negus over the official exam guides.
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    I haven't done Linux+. However, I had a coworker who did. It seemed like it took him about that long just to study for and pass the 1st of the 2 exams. (He failed the 1st time, took a week-long break, then went back at it for 2 weeks before passing on his 2nd attempt.)

    If you have no prior experience, I think you might want to try find some extra study time - possibly an hour or so after work in addition to the time you put in during the day. Get CentOS and Debian and lab extensively. Remember that the certification is actually 2 exams, and altho it is a CompTIA exam, it's supposedly a lot harder than the other "+" certs.

    If you DO have prior experience, then get a copy of the objectives and go thru them. That should give you a better gauge on how much time you need to invest in your studies than we could give you.
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    I have some Linux knowledge yeah but I would say I want more baseline knowledge which is why im going for L+ rather than RHCSA. I need to lose some bad habits. I'm doing this from work and have access to Ubuntu and CentOS which is good.

    Yeah N+ was a breeze to study, I probably put in 20-30 hours reading time for that exam so I'm expecting 100 or so for these 2. I've bought the study guide so I'm going to go through that but also get some other resources mentioned above.

    Will give it a go anyway, I'm learning Cisco in the evening but the hour spare at work I'd rather use for Linux as its been something that seems to always come up in my jobs.
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