Windows certificate enrollment

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Hi everyone,

I have successfully configured a Cisco-router as a Certificate Authority in my lab-environment. I have requested, issued, and installed certificates to other routers in the lab as well as to the ACS-server. Next step is to create client certificates for a few windows-host, but I cant figure out how to do it.

Question: How do I create and install certificates from a IOS-router CA into a windows7-machine for ssl-vpn?

The CA-config looks like this:

CA#clock set 07:47:11 February 13 2014
CA(config)#int fa0/0
CA(config)#ip add
CA(config)#no shut
CA(config)ip domain-name
CA(config)#ip http server
CA(config)#crypto pki server YET
CA(config)#lifetime ca-certificate 365
CA(config)#lifetime certificate 365
CA(config)#database url pem flash:/YET
CA(config)#grant auto
CA(config)#no shut
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