What are some things I can buy to help with my studies?

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Hello all, so i just got a job and will have money coming in finally. Sadly, it has nothing to do with the IT industry(it's just a warehouse job). Anyways, currently what I have is this:

- Cisco classroom with actual equipment(routers, switches, etc) so im good on lab equipment for the next 4 months
- Wendell Odom Book 100-101
- CBTNuggets full $99 subscription(I was excited to get the mp3 downloads)

That's all I got. Is there anything else I can use to supplement this or should I be fine with what I have. Now my instructor at school says what he's going to teach me is all covered in the exams but this is more for me studying on my own time in addition to his teaching(which is amazing).
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    Does the class give you access to packet tracer? If not I would look at getting gns3 set up at home.
    I know I am taking Netacad classes at my local community college and the lab time is not nearly enough.

    Other then that I would stay you don't really need more. I found when I first started studying last summer I gathered to many resources. It was information overload and not presented in a clear order.

    Good Luck with you studies!
  • StonedHitmanStonedHitman Member Posts: 120
    Yes, the class does give us packet tracer but we use gns3 too.
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    Depending on how much money you have available, BosonNetSim may be an option. You could also check out the Cisco brand network simulators.
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    I'd just get the Boson Test questions when you're finished studying and doing your review for the actual exam. Seems like you've got all bases covered otherwise.

    Congrats on the new job, even if not IT just yet. But save your money for something else.
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