NIC Problems

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This isn't exactly exam related but maybe the conversation will help others understand networking somehow.

Has anyone had an issue where a NIC would communicate locally but not with the router? I've been troubleshooting a problem this morning, settings all appear normal but it just will not communicate with the router. Hooked a laptop up to the line and it worked fine, all the other 100+ devices are good. Just that one computer.


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    What do you mean by not communicating? Do you see an ARP entry?
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    I'll check the ARP table. It will get it's DHCP information, it will communicate with every machine on the network. But it will not ping its own default gateway or anything beyond it. The machines just been sitting there for the last couple of weeks and someone tried using it today. It worked fine before that as it was being used every day. I would think if the NIC had gone bad then it wouldn't even communicate locally.
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    arp looks good. I even cleared it out, released/renewed ip information and dhcp works fine.
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    That's funny, I manually entered the ip information and told it to verify the settings. When I hit apply it checked connection, forced it back to dhcp and started working.
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