ITIL cert for Network Engineer

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When looking at some job requirements for Network Engineer positions, I've been seeing some that ask for ITIL cert/experience. How could this cert help me in the networking field? I have only heard of it as of recent.
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    It's all about processes. If a company uses the ITIL framework for their IT department it is a good thing to know. It won't help you specifically engineer a network, but it covers things like change management etc.
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    It's definitely isn't a new thing. Some would call it common sense but I think it raises some great points. Basically there are a strong set of checks and balances involved with running the IT infrastructure with a strong emphasis on change control. In environments that follow ITIL methodology, you may have to justify changes and make sure everyone else knows what you're doing.

    This is a major paradigm shift for some admins , especially where there isn't a strong change culture before. If they demand certification, they may want someone who is already intune with the methodology and won't ask questions or try to usurp the process on the job. Remember, it may take only one goof up on the CLI to cause a catastrophic outage that has the CxO fuming and looking for heads.
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