CCIE v5 - hardware or rental?

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I've just started out to study for the CCIE R&S. What is better: hardware or rack rental?
Ive done a few sessions with rack rental and it seems good.
But what about the V5 changes?
Are we going to have access to a virtual environment to study like GNS3 with support for switching?
Or is it worth while starting to build a lab with devices able to run iOS 15.0?
Anyone in a similar predicament? I'd prefer the ability to study when I want and for how long, rack rental doesn't give that flexibility.

Any advice would be great!



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    I saw the IP Expert vLecture on v5, and Marko reckons that something like 90% of the content can be tested out on old hardware 12.4/15.1

    Just as well, I've got a 12.4 based hardware rack sat behind me that I bought in October 2013. In hindsight I wish I'd kept my money and persevered with virtual software, but ultimately I don't regret having a rack. I found the virtual software buggy and my thought was getting 8 hours into labbing and having something break would have been too frustrating. I know where I am with a lab, and it was good fun to build.

    If I had to choose now and had the money in my pocket, I'd probably try and GNS the majority of it and just rack rental the stuff I can't.

    I use GNS when I'm trying to just lab up simple - individual technology based labs. The full multi-protocol stuff I use the lab for.
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    I have my home lab that has 3x3560s, 3550, 1841, and 4x2600XMs. To be honest though I have been almost using GNS3 exclusively in my CCIE studies so far. Besides the advanced switching topics which I use my lab for. I have had no issues with GNS3 so far.
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    i think iou is the best without l2 features, also in v5 lab exam all devices will be iou.
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