Question about Spanning 2 Virtual Disks (RAID 10 and RAID 1)

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Here's a question..

We have a client that has 4 physical hard drives in a RAID 10. This RAID is divided into 5 partitions in Windows (C, D, E, F, I). They are running out of space on most of the partitions, so they added 2 more physical hard drives and put them in a RAID 1. Total of about 150GB of extra space. So now, they have one RAID 10 Virtual Disk and 1 RAID 1 Virtual Disk. I need to divide the new RAID 1 array equally and extend each partition by 30GB. Obviously, when I do this it is going to make Spanned volumes.

My question is, when I do this, will I lose all my redundancy that I have set up with the hardware RAID? What I don't want to happen is to create a spanned volume with these 2 virtual disks and so 1 physical disk fails and I lose all data. Does that make sense? I think that, the way it works, is that I'd have to lose a whole VIRTUAL disk before the spanned volume fails...
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