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I couldn't clear my 802 A+ exam. I need you guys help to clear the exam. can you please provide me with the answers for below questions:

1: I had a question, saying the computer A IP address was changed from to, since the IP address computer B couldn't share the file from computer A.

I tired doing /flushdns on both sides, I am not sure whether is it right or wrong. can someone try this out and provide me the answer

2: imaging 50 desktop from a computer. I had options like sysprep and RIS. I slected sysprep, as the question said its going to image from a computer I selected sysprep. I am not sure whether is it right or wrong.

3: Asked me to setup e-mail and it gave me the ports and protocol, but that question I was wrong i really don't know what mistake I made. can you please provide me with the tip.

4: setting up wifi, I did everything right to my knowledge but i was wrong. please provide me the tip and do tell me if we have any free sites to practice simulation questions.

5: I made mistake in SOHO questions too. please someone help me to clear this exam and please provide me with any study materials that you used for the exam
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