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I already bought my vouchers for the 801 + 802 exam but I still don't think I'm ready. I bought Mike Meyer's A+ book and read through all the pages and did the chapter questions. 32 chapters, 10 questions each, and I hovered around 90%. I popped in the disc accompanying the book and took some of the practice questions but only got 60% which is really low. I took the practice questions on this site (techexams) and I got 34% which is even lower.

Seeing as how I paid 376 dollars for both vouchers I don't want to fail and end up paying again. I'm pretty sure I'm an above average user. I fix all problems on my computer on my own or research on google but the technical stuff is too much to remember. I need some advice on additional study materials or what I can do in order to guarantee a passing grade. I just found out about Professor Messer so I'll be watching the videos the next few nights but what else can I do? Any additional resrouces (preferably free) that I can look into?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    Proffesor Messer is good. I liked him when I studied for my N+. Just keep studying for another few weeks and re take some practice exams and see how you do. When it comes to the exam, just take your time with it. Some questions you'll know right off the bat and others you'll have to weed out the wrong answers. I failed my essentials exam the first time around but nailed it the 2nd try. Anyway, I'm sure with a little more studying you'll do fine. Don't stress is and good luck!
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