Neophyte going for: CompTIA A+

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Hello guys, as the title says i'm aiming to obtain the A+ cert, i'm totally new regarding a deeper computer knowledge but i'm doing my best! I'm using Mike Meyers book for self-study but it's really frustrating because i'm in a multi-language mess. I don't speak english very well, my motherlanguage is italian and right now i transfered to South America for family problems so if i'm going to get a teacher (i hope so) it'll be all in spanish (not that i don't understand it but i just started re-learning it one month ago). When i'll be ready i think i'll take the exams in english though.

I'm still at my first time reading it, completed 1/4 but i could just grasp some concepts, i don't remember most of the details and sometimes what i remember seems wrong and messed up.

I don't think that there will be something that could help me do better other than studying everyday for at least 5-6 hours but i'm pretty desperate since i have some kind of time limit (not entirely true but i found someone that if i could get A+ and Net+ he probably got a spot for me so i seriously don't want to make him wait too much!!) so at late night i thought about sharing about me and the stuff i'm worried about.

Even so, i'd like to hear any suggestions from anyone. I'm contradicting myself by saying this but maybe one of those suggestions could help me about the situation i'm in! It's a desperate hope but well, trying doesn't hurt i guess?


  • BokehBokeh Member Posts: 1,636 ■■■■■■■□□□ - Free training videos. You can watch them over and over. He also hosts a A+ webinar usually a couple of times a month.
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    +1 on the Professor Messer videos. Also download the study guides. Helped me get a 832/900 on the 220-801. Plan to use his videos for the 802 as well. Although I think his videos may not be enough since you are totally new. He only covers what you need to know to pass the exam. You actually have a job lined up. You will need to know what to do when you get there and knowing how to pass an exam will not help you on the job. But hey if the job is willing to train you then just do what you need to do to pass the exams. Go to the CompTIA website and download the A+ objectives and you will know exactly what you need to study to pass the exam. Hope that helps.
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    Thanks guys, the thing is that i understand and memorize better if it's written english so i think i'll stick more to the study book but i'm going to watch the videos too if it has visual demonstrations about the subjects.

    CoolITnow: What study guides? You mean books like Mike Meyers?
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    Hello SkyHize and welcome to the forum :). While Mike Meyers is an excellent resource, the study guide I have can be found here, as I am a huge Emmett Dulaney fan. I'm not actively studying A+ now, as Net+ and Sec+ are my priority now. I also agree with Bokeh as far as utilizing Professor Messer's free videos, which I am using in my current studies.

    Good luck to you!
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    No it's not a book. It's a pdf (9 pages for the 801 & 12 pages for he 802) with all the notes from the A+ videos he makes. Includes pictures of all the connectors, charts and tables. Really helpful for memorizing what will be on the test. Here is a link to them.
    Professor Messer's CompTIA 220-801 and 220-802 PDF Study Guides | Professor Messer - CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Linux, Microsoft Technology Training
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    I'm an idiot, i just noticed that i was studying like i was going to give both the exams in the same day. I'll focus on the objectives for the first one. Thank you all for your suggestions guys!
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    I tried to reply to your question last night but it was flagged as spam. I suppose because I put a link in the message. No they are 9 and 12 page pdf's. All the notes, pics and charts from his videos. You can find them on his site. Just download the 801 pdf and see if you like it before moving on to the 802. Sorry no link this time.
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    +1 with Messer. Reading and hearing it will be good exposure to the training material and could help with your English as well.
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    The downside of being poor :P

    I know some people might say that it's just $10 but i really don't have anything left, i'm jobless at the moment, living with my grandma and i have my reasons for not asking money to her. I'll stick to Meyers and study it for hours everyday, i guess that's the only way and only source i can afford, better than nothing, i should be able to do it anyway right?
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    Sure you can do it. Just study hard. Watch his videos and write down all the notes that he puts on the screen. That way you learn from not only seeing and hearing but writing it out for yourself. Then you can review your notes anywhere. But like I said, just watching those videos or any videos IMHO will not help you do your job. They will help you pass the test.
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    Yes i know, that's why i'm going to a store where they repair computers and try to get emplòyed there (i don't know how it's called in english). I should get some experience there but i probably won't get paid at all, that doesn't really matter to me anyway because i'm going after the practical experience.
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