Passed today 744! Wooot! -Exam tips

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Was a different exam than what I expected. It was very straight forward nothing like the M$ exam's. If you know your stuff you'll do just fine. But if your unsure of one word or acronym you may miss the question.

What I seen on my exam which ofcourse will vary from exam to exam.

-Know your port numbers. The practice questions here were enough for me.

-Know wireless. Some questions were on wireless. (802.11a, b, g and their frequencies) -Not many however maybe 3 tops I was asked on.

-Cable lenghts and speeds. Study the new technology. Including 1000-base CX, LX, SX etc... Many questions were on cable types.

-Some troubleshooting scenario questions. If you have hands on practical real world experince you'll do find.

-Know your network protocols and most important know your network tools! -Netstat, Nbtstat, IPCONFIG, traceroute/tracert, ifconfig(*nix machines), ARP, and know their display output!!. I had many questions on "The following output was made by which tool?" type questions.

-Know the difference between patch cables and cross over cables. There were many questions with these terms. If your unsure about when to use each. STOP AND MAKE SURE YOU KNOW BEFORE YOU TAKE THIS EXAM!

-There is a free study guide from Cram Session http://www.cramsession.com/certifications/comptia/network.asp This helped me alot and was exactly what I used to study.

-Took me two weeks to study and then I was ready to rock.
-As we all know $218 is alot of money! Know each subject well enough before taking the exam or diss out the money again. No pressure ;)

Hope this helps some people out there!!
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    exellent score...congrats looks like all your hard work paid off

    im due up in 2 weeks and am getting fairly paranoid.....wish me luck
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    Getting ready in 3 weeks....ur tips will surely help
    All things work together for good........to them that believe..
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