which certificates to get a job in India

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I am 36 yrs old single guy living with my parents and I am facing severe problem regarding career change. Unlike in the West , in countries like India changing careers after 32 or 35 is almost impossible and very difficult ,furthermore it is not easily accepted. I used to work as a pharma salesman (medical representative) in Kolkata,India but I left the job some 3 yrs back due to hectic work-style and I was not willing to continue in such an outdoor sales job under scorching heat of the sun and then there is dust. Then I was pursuing a distance MBA and completed it in 2012. I have BSc(PCM) and MBA(Mktg) but by wrong counseling by the institute i again went for wrong specialization of Sales instead of Systems or HR ,but I dont want to get back to sales again. That is why I am now only getting sales job offers because of my MBA and sales experience !
Recently I completed ccent but too to no avail!
So now I want to learn Microsoft certification. What certs should I pursue and learn to get me a job in Calcutta,India at this age?Will MCSA help me get a job at this age?
I am getting some job offers in insurance sector and office admin jobs but I cant decide if I should get into insurance sales or admin job or stick to IT?
Will insurance sales be better or worse than IT?
Is it worth trying to get into IT at this age or I should try some other line?
Please advice... icon_cry.gif


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    You need to look at job postings for the types of jobs you want to work and note the education, certification, and experience the hiring managers are asking for. Only the opinions of hiring managers matters for what it will take to get you a job.
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    Actually Sir, there is no mention of age in the job postings. Further there are very few jobs for freshers and most of them ask for experienced guys. Mostly I am being rejected because of age as I am 35+ with no experience in IT. So I can't decide.
    Please advice.
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    SAP comes to mind.
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    No I dont want to go into SAP as it is very expensive,2ndly like CCNA jobs are very scarce and looks only for experienced SAP professionals. Also I tried my luck with SAP by doing it from a local center called Futuresoft and I learnt nothing an it was a wastage of money and time.
    Even here like in CCNA they ask for 1)Btech or Comp Sc /Any engineering graduates
    2)even then they mostly ask for 2/3 yrs exp at the least like in ccna.
    So I feel doing IT is a wastage of money,time for many like me. All these long years I did various IT training in many centers in my city,and this was the summary of my experiences. I never got happy with the end results. Pursuing certification is of no use.
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