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[h=2]CCIE Voice/Collaboration best route?[/h]
Last year I finished my MCA. I am intrested in networking field and came to know about voice field from one of my friend and now I want to pursue it.
Am studying at a famous networking institute in Banglore. I just finished my CCNA R/S (1-month course not certification ). My aim is to answer CCIE Voice certification someday. So, what am really confused about is weather i should do CCNP R/S (2-month course not certification) first or directly jump to CCNA VOICE course and then CCNP VOICE. And then answer CCIE VOICE.

IS CCNP R/S knowledge necessary if you're going to VOICE field? or just CCNA R/S enough?
Also VOICE is changed to COLLABORATION. Is that the same thing with some added topics right?
Plz help. It can save 2 months of my time.


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    At this point in your career, I would focus on completing the basics, CCNA R&S and Voice certifications, and getting a job in the field. Trying to get the CCIE without that *might* be possible, but is not a good idea.

    Getting the job will get you experience that is invaluable. Topics that are very difficult to grasp from books get ingrained in your understanding through constant use.

    This will also give you a chance to see if this is what you really want to do. The CCIE is a huge commitment, and it is going to save many months of your life not doing it if you decide that is not the right path to go down.

    All that said, having the CCNP R&S (Certification, not just classes) will help you both on the job and in the lab for the Collaboration CCIE. Even if it is not tested directly, it is important knowledge to have.
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