CCIE Voice best route?

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CCIE Voice best route?
Last year I finished my MCA. I am intrested in networking field and came to know about voice field from one of my friend and now I want to pursue it.
Am studying at a famous networking institute in Banglore. I just finished my CCNA R/S (1-month course not certification ). My aim is to answer CCIE Voice certification someday. So, what am really confused about is weather i should do CCNP R/S (2-month course not certification) first or directly jump to CCNA VOICE course and then CCNP VOICE. And then answer CCIE VOICE.

IS CCNP R/S knowledge necessary if you're going to VOICE field? or just CCNA R/S enough?
Also VOICE is changed to COLLABORATION. Is that the same thing with some added topics right?
Plz help. It can save 2 months of my time.


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    CCIE Voice - IT Certifications and Career Paths - Cisco Systems


    The Cisco CCIE Voice certification is retired effective February 14, 2014. CCIE Voice has evolved to become CCIE Collaboration, reflecting advances in networked collaboration solutions to include solutions for voice, video, IM, presence, and call centers. Candidates should review the CCIE Collaboration certification.

    Here you go - https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/community/certifications/ccie_collaboration/syllabus

    Are you in a rush to just get the CERT? If so, that's probably not right attitude if you really want to learn this, don't you agree? :)
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    I completely agree with you JeanM. But am really short on time here. I just want to do the certification and get a job asap just like my friend did. So just wanted to know if I can skip CCNP R/S and directly start with CCNA voice/collaboration track? I've completed my CCNA R/S. Will it cause anytrouble?
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    How this question is answered depends on where you're choosing to work. If you're going to work on a team that will include R/S guys, then they can cover up for your weakness. If you're going to work in a consulting/independent role, then you'll need to stand on your own two feet more, and the additional R/S knowledge will help you resolve your collaboration issues more easily.

    Once you complete CCNA R/S, I'd advise staying with your track until completion. There is a certain amount of momentum that you need to bring with you to finish the marathon, if you know what I mean. Once you finished that track, I'd advise you to come back and get R/S to the NP level before doing anything else.

    Hope this helps.
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    I just want to do the certification and get a job asap just like my friend did
    And to be true, therefor you will get a bad bill!
    EVERY Job Interview will become pain to you! Getting a ciscocert is a smooth movement..... you get expierience and knowlege beyond the test questions, and this is something you have to face in a interview! better get deep knowledge and than the cert!
    It will make your life easier and will garante you the job ;)
    Certs are always just the food in the door but the gateway is knowledge ;)
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