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I wanted to get opinions from other people in the field on certs for career path. The best way to describe my job is jack of all master of none. On the network side I spend a lot more time in nex gen firewalls mostly Fortigates and consider myself very proficient with them. I also spend time in ASA's, cisco routers, and juniper devices. I deal with many different thing security wise AV, IPS/IDS, Proxy servers, investigations, and so on. I also manage Active directory, exchange, the works windows wise.

The main issue is I spend a lot of time doing a lot of different stuff. I don't see that as a problem, but I am trying to get from my "sys admin" title to info sec or some time of engineer spot. I am confident in my skill set, but need some opinions on what skill gaps or things I need to fill in to get to the next level?

The most frustrating part is a lot of people in those higher levels come to me for answers and ideas. So what would be the best gaps to fill to get to the next level? Or what certs could i use to validate the next level skills? Biggest issue I have with certs is my employers have not supported the cert process, so I have to eat the cost for these.


(side note if you need a radius setup guide for Fortigates, hit me up.)


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    If you want to get into InfoSec, why not go for the CISSP? Or you could maybe go for the CCNA: Security if you want a more technical cert.
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    izatt82izatt82 Member Posts: 18 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I have read through the CISSP book and i know employers like it. I have a love hate attitude towards the CISSP.

    That might be the gateway though.

    The CCNA security seems low level, but I haven't looked at the CCNA in a while.
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