What about these certifications from Exin?

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Good morning everyone,

This is my first post on this forum so first of all, I want to introduce myself. I'm from Costa Rica, I´m 28. :D. I think that this forum is great and have a lot of value information. Hope to share also my knowledge and experience.

Right now I'm working on a NOC as a Network Engineer. I have the CCNA-CCDA and recently I passed the CCNP Switch exam. The thing is that for company requirements last year I had to study for the Itil exam, I used EXIN.

I was researching about other EXIN certifications and found: GreenIT // LEAN IT and ISO/IEC 20000 Foundation (Can apply for the Bridge exam because I have Itil).These certs are cheap (from $80 to $150) and I want to know if are good options as a complement with my Network knowledge and experience.

I have diferent roles in my team, apart from my technical role I have to do reports, quality controls and I am a kind of leader in the group.

What about EXIN as a company? Is important on the market? It is recognized?

Thanks a lot for the help.


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    I used EXIN as well and I don't think they will hurt and certainly will help if you plan to advance as a manager. I plan on doing some of the intermediate ITIL exams.
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    Thanks for your answer,

    I think that the ITIL Intermediate is a good option, but apparently we have to pay not only for the exams. I'm not sure, we have to pay for something like a license before apply for the exams.
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