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Hey people,

I apologize before hand if ive posted this in the wrong place, but i normally post/read here so thought i'd give it a go.

I started in networking a couple years back in technical support working for an ISP. Ive gone from Tech Support > Managed Services and the final hurdle for me is NOC! A position has come up for a Network Operations Engineer working on the company core network. This is the role i wanted from the start, and now i final have a chance to apply. My experience on core infastructure is limited but im hoping my corperate knowledge (gained from Managed services), will help.

I was wondering if anyone does work for an ISP on there core and what kind of stuff to read up on/ practice interview questions and stuff to beef up my CV so it gets noticed for the role.

Any help will be great.

Thanks in advance.


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    I do core network design for an ISP. Things to brush up on are BGP, MPLS, ISIS/OSPF. I'm sure you know more than me what other specific technologies are used on your network.

    More importantly then trying to cram in some knowledge you don't already have and BS some questions, make sure you really know the ins and outs of your current role and the technologies it covers. We hire people that have only worked in the enterprise as long as they can show they are able to master whatever they are working on.
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    Thanks Networker

    Ye your right. I'll just have to be honest with them and if its not now my time now then maybe next time.
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