Windows 8 or 8.1? please help

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I have been studying for the MCSA windows 8 for a bit now but recently I've seen on Microsoft site it says 'MCSA : Windows 8 - Objective learn 8.1', i'm confused as to whether i must learn 8 or 8.1 and phoning Microsoft didn't help because they told me i must study both and judging by how it sounded like they where reading from a script i guess they didn't have an idea either because when i asked them if i'm asked a question like 'is there a start button(jewel) in windows' then i'm stuck because there is no start button in 8 but there is one in 8.1 to which they repeated themselves like robots 'study both 8 and 8.1'.

Can anyone please give me some advise i need help here badly, i'd really appreciate it.


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    Honestly, I would just study for 8 then look up what changes they've made between the two and be familiar with those.
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    I am planning to sit for the Windows 8 exam 70-687. I already prepped for the exam (using testout/labsim), but as soon as I was done, it was very close to Jan 26, the day it changed over to Windows 8.1. So, I decided to wait, until the prep material for the changes are out, which btw should be within the next few weeks. As soon as I get my hands on the new prep material, I will be re studying for the Windows 8.1 exam, then I will feel more confident abt taking it and using the second shot as a backup, whereas before, if I had attempted it, I would have only had the Windows 8 material and been given the 8.1 exam content, and if I failed, I would have had to wait until the exam prep material was out, which is now, and then do the second shot. So, my strat was to wait till the prep material is out first then take the exam. I am working on my CCNA while im waiting on the exam prep material to be available, so I am not wasting study time. I will have to circle back and restudy for the Windows 8.1 stuff, but since I already did the 50 hours (on testout/labsim) it shouldn't be too hard to review the material over a few weeks then take the exam. That's my 2 cents. Good luck on whatever you decide to do!
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    I too got the second shot voucher so at least it will be cheaper and if i fail i can go at it again without paying again, makes things easier.
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    Yeah in the same boat I took 70-687 but hold back till 8.1 material is release was thinking of 70-689 but with the changes thinking to hold on for a bit 70-410 R2 get that out of the way icon_smile.gif good luck to all
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