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Hi there,

I have been studying now off and on for about a week and a half and am passing the hardware practice test on this site with about 90 percent and the OS with about 80 percent. My question is am I ready to proceed with writing the test. I have wrote a couple other practice exams on the net and do well on the Hardware, but about 60 percent on the OS. I know i need to work on my OS for sure, but want to know if people think that the practice tests on this site are a good representation of what to expect on the actual exam. I past the hardware on the Comptia site with 10/10 and 9/10 for the OS.

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    It's generally recommended that one is achieving 90% or above on practice exams prior to sitting for an exam.

    So, you sound like you are in the ball park. How well do you understand the Objectives CompTIA has on A+?

    You may need to just try and see what happens.
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    Yeah I do think all the practice tests together including the online and offline ones on this site do provide some amount of insight as to the level of knowledge you need to know for the exam. So doing them is good practice.

    They do not, however, fully cover the entire exam objectives with all the details. This is where you need your exam objectives and textbook to guide you as well as experience (especially for the OS part) .

    So if you haven't scheduled for both tests,I guess you can do the core hardware first since you are more confident in that area and then when you feel more comfortable with the OS, you can do that test then.

    That's just my opinion, but the final decision is yours.
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