What certification should i get next? Please help!

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I passed A+ in 2000 and just passed Network+ weeks ago. I can't make my mind of what to get next. I cannot make decision between HTI+, Server+, i-Net+, Security+ or 70-270. Please give me advise. Thank you.


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    What area of IT do you want to get into? What areas do you have experience in?

    HTI+ --> not sure what this one is all about
    Server+ --> server tech
    i-Net+ --> intro to web design
    Security+ --> intro to security
    70-270 --> helpdesk, beginning of net admin

    Personally, I would pick Security+ because security is a hot topic right now, or 70-270 to start picking up some vendor certs.

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  • deobandideobandi Member Posts: 3 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thank you. Now it's between Security+ and 70-270.
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    i-NET+ is a very easy cert to get, so if you're just looking to add another Cert..........
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    HTI+ is only useful if you are an electrical contractor looking to get a job installing home theater systems. I think Best Buy requires HTI+ for their residential electronic component installers.
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    HTI is a cert that fell over just as it was produced. The major backers were CompTIA and Cisco with the support of about a dozen states. Any home wiring with 30 volts or less was the target. That included burglar alarms, CAT5, optical fiber, and as stated home video. The electrical unions wanted to be grandfathered in and home users discovered wireless for networking, states delayed mandatory adoption making the whole thing a bust compared to what was promised. The Cisco academies were supposed to offer the courses besides the normal routes.
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    If you passed A+ and Network + im sure INET+ would be a breeze for you.
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