70-462 - Passed

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Just thought I would pop on here and say I passed the 2nd exam of the 3. I felt like I was going to fail but I scrapped the pass with a 733 score.

The exam itself was harder than I was prepared for. I mean I prepared for hard, but I felt it was on another level, saying that though I did pass.

If anyone is interested I used the following:

CBT Nuggets
Microsoft study guide 70-462
SQL 2012 Administration

Something to watch out for Azure.

Any questions feel free to ask
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MCSE - SharePoint 2013 :thumbup:

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    Congrats and thanks for posting this. I have been considering this exam myself - perhaps when I finish my Bachelor's degree. Please keep us informed on your progress with 70-463
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    Good work! I just took the 489 for SharePoint development and thought the same thing. Hardest MS exam I have ever taken. I had 3 hours to complete it and used 2 hours and 50 minutes. I've never gone that close to the end. I also was terrified I had failed when I pressed the complete button. Good luck on the next one!
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    I passed this one today as well! I know exactly what you mean by it being on another level of hard...I felt very concerned that I had failed but got an 800. Now I've passed 70-461 and 70-462 and can say that Microsoft throws some very...interesting questions in there. And that's all! Good luck to you all and I'll be moving onto 463 soon--not going to wait a year between exams again!
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    I am busy with 70-461,please advise on how is the exam.Which area do you think one intending to take the exam should cover most.
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