Least expensive AP/WLC/AAA server for CCNA-Wireless cert?

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I'm on a very tight budget right now, and if I get any equipment at all for my CCNA-Wireless studies it'll have to be the minimum of what I can use. What AP should I try and get, as well as WLC? I understand that a home computer can be used as a AAA server? If so, how is that set up? Even if I can't afford it right now, I'll be moving in that direction eventually. I see a lot of instructions on the CBT Nuggets videos on how to use the GUI interfaces on the APs/WLCs/AAA servers, but without having the GUIs to work with, it's kind of frustrating. It's like learning how to use Photoshop from a book because you don't have the program. I guess all I need is more money. Hmm, wait - that's why I'm trying to get certified in wireless!


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    You can use TACACS.net for a few AAA server.

    In regards to the WLC and LAP, you might want to look into rack time.

    Outside of that 2000's WLCs might be chearp but they are still a few 100 bucks

    Cables and kits has weekly sales a few ago they had 1242g for like 50 bucks.
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