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Hey Guys,

I'm preparing for RHCSA exam right now and wanted to know if i should focus on shell commands or GUI.
Those that took this exam how much of the exam did you have to use shell vs gui or other way around.



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    When preparing for RHCSA exam, the only case for using the gui was LDAP client configuration with the authconfig-tui command. It's otherwise very complicated to update all the necessary files in this case.
    I passed the exam and I then learned that the authconfig-tui command was deprecated in favor of the authconfig command (that doesn't display any gui): you have to use --flag like --enableldap and add the --update flag at the end.

    Conclusion: learn the shell commands and don't use any gui if you want to go fast.

    In addition, use google and you will find a very good resource for preparing your exam.
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    It depends.
    It's good to know both ways to do some kind of things. I prefer gui for LDAP, printer stuff and other annoying tasks. But most of my tasks are done via ssh and cli. But if you know shell and GUI you're safe :)
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    Try to master both.
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