Maybe some good tips to pass these exams...

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Hello, I am new here and I have been reading some of these threads and felt more comfortable to talk about my situation. I failed my 801 test in December. I passed my class course for CIT in my first semester. After taking the CIT exam for the course, I passed with an A but when I took the A+ Certification test, I scored with a 601 even though the passing score was 675. I was very frustrated and I wasn't really focused for the test because I had a surgery on my wrist that week and the pain was very annoying and when I took the exam, I couldn't focus well and had huge headaches every time I looked at a word. Now, it has been 3 months and wanted to take the 801 test again and of course, I have to make more money to pay for the test. I currently taking my second semester for my CIT course. We are working on for the 802 exam. But in the side of that, i will be reading my A+ complete review guide book so i can get ready for the test maybe early next month. I am just focusing on the 801 first, then I will focus on the 802 exam. Of course, I am studying both exams but mostly 801, i have to pass before the 802. When I pass the 801 exam, I will be less stressful before taking the 802 exam. I am studying through my book I just mentioned, Labsim course, and my two books which are called A+ Guide to Software and other one was Guide to Hardware. I feel like I am in the right place of studying these materials, but sometimes, I get that negativity in my head that I am not going to pass these exams. I just want to know if I am doing right things so I can pass these exams. When I pass these exams, I will throw a party and everybody is invited XD XD XD. Just playing around lol. Give me good some tips what to study or what methods to use for the exams or anything that helped you that can help me.

Thanks! :D
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