74-409 or Private Cloud?

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I have the free voucher for the 74-409 and I'm debating on whether to take the test or go the two exam route for the MCSE Private Cloud. The Hyper-V with System Center exam (74-409) and the Private Cloud seems to overlap a little.

My worry is that the 74-409 is not as recognized and will not hold it's weight. What do you guys think?


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    It's free, just do it. The studying for 70-409 will also I help you with the Private Cloud exams, (which first require MCSA: Windows Server 2012)

    The Private Cloud exams also cover different ground relating to the entire System Center Suite and how they can be integrated to create a private cloud. Much broader topic and different focus then the Hyper-V/SCVMM exam. They do overlap a bit but that's a bonus not a concern.
  • atari37atari37 Member Posts: 29 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I appreciate the input. I do have my MCSE 2012: Server Infrastructure as of yesterday so I can go straight to the Private Cloud. I agree with you that the 74-409 will help when I go for my Private Cloud but some part of me is wondering why bother with the 74-409 if I plan on taking the Private Cloud. Afteral, the 70-414 had some Hyper-V and System Center material on it. I don't know.

    My current schedule to complete a handful of certifications by the end of the year is making the decision very difficult for me.
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    Why not think about it as studying for your MCSE: Private Cloud except it comes with a bonus free certification?
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    Honestly - both are very timely right now. You can't lose either way. The 409 might help with the others though.
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    If it's free then do it. The worse that can happen is you fail and don't lose any money. I'd feel differently if I had money riding on the exam.
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