Integrating a CME router into an existing network

sendalotsendalot Member Posts: 328
I have a new CME router that I'm integrating into an existing network.

Trying to come up with things to do to make a smooth transition. Please review the commands to see they are correct.

(1) Disable DHCP and relay DHCP service to existing network. {no service dhcp && ip helper-address}
(2) Static route from other ports to that port to existing switch. { ip route fa0/1}
(3) Enable SSH by giving ip address to int fa 0/1 {int fa 0/1 && ip address}
(4) Default gateway to the existing DHCP router { ip default-router}

Anything else? I'll think about setting up FXO/FXS after this but I want to be able to see CME on CCP upon entering those commands.



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