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Hello TE!

I have an interview for an internship position within the networking team at a large hospital in my state in a couple days and I wanted to get an some input from the community. My instructor told me to brush up on knowledge regarding VPNs and to also get some general knowlege regarding Citrix. I don't really know much about Citrix other than I have heard of that company. Does any one have any links to some introductory material covering Citrix? Also any tips to help impress during the interview is welcome! Thanks!


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    Be yourself.

    I don't think reviewing a topic before an interview is best as this could give a false impression that you are knowledgeable in a certain field when you merely memorized important facts.

    This is an internship, with that said I don't think they would expect you to know everything related to the hospitals networking environment.

    Dress appropriately, tie, long sleeve button up shirt, dress slacks, etc. A big factor in hiring is how well spoken you are and if you are a people person. If your dealing with customers on a daily basis, XYZ company is not going to want a tech that is brilliant yet that is unable to speak up or convey a problem to a client without insulting them.

    Just my thoughts, good luck icon_thumright.gif
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    Thank you for the advice. Talking to people is no problem for me. I worked in customer service for a good amount of time. I got my suite all ready to go already too lol.
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    I went on an phone interview with the senior system Admin of a very reputable dotcom company here in Los Angeles, in the internship job description he listed many knowledge of the basic networking concepts and entry level experience with help desk procedures. At the middle of the interview, after he asked some question about OSI model and Vlans, he said I was overqualified for what he actually wanted me to do, end up this internship position for them is more like a helper, daily work involves making and copying system imagings, answer calls and redirect them, then moving up to 50lbs of funitures around the building, but that's about it. He said he will interview more people and get back to me, and leave my resume to their networking department because I am overqualified for their "help desk" position. Mind you I only have 3 month of experience from this current internship I have, which is about to end, and still one more year, which is my senior year to go in the university. I don't even know how to respond now, because what I was afraid was I do not have enough knowledge to land an entry level job, turns out to be I know too much to land one?
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