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Curious how are you guys setting up CUPS in your lab and what do you use it with, Cisco Jabber client or some other XMPP client ?

Do you then also setup your AD, or what is handling client accounts for actually using CUPS in a lab for "real life" type of scenarios.

What version do you guys recommend? Looks like later versions of CUCM have CUPS integrated into it, but older versions did not.

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    Hey Jean. I didn't install CUPS in my lab. All I did was follow along with the INE videos while tracking Mark's steps in the INE videos through the interface using our production CUPS server at work. I also read the chapter towards the end of the OCG covering CUPS. I don't think they did a very good job with that chapter....the information you need was probably there, but I wasn't getting it. Hands on experience would be more useful if you can swing it in your lab.

    We use the Cisco Jabber client. Just to try it out, I also used the Cisco IP Communicator. The presence server at work uses our Active Directory CN for the user id, but I can't remember if it was syncing the AD password or using it's own credential store....something like part of the phone number as the password.
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    I've used jabber client for a while now at work, but thinking that in the lab environment would have to also setup some kind of back end server to manage it along with ad. Unless CUPS server is all that's needed?
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    With 9.X you can create local users in CUCM, enable said user for IM&P to sync to CUPS.
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    I never installed CUPS either and as was already mentioned I just went by the INE videos in order to get a basic understanding of the interface which is enough for CCNA voice.
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    I've been watching whatever youtube videos I can find, and thought this set was pretty good , so sharing with forum -

    (4 of 9) Cisco Unified Presence & The Workspace Experience - YouTube

    I am still wanting to install CUPS next just to play with, I have the resources and dedicated host for it, just not even having any luck with finding a DEMO iso .
    2015 goals - ccna voice / vmware vcp.
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