Unable to connect to the MKS: Error connecting to /bin/vmx process

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So I rebuilt my lab a couple months back due to the prevalence of this error. Would prefer to not have to do that again. My best guess is the HDDs are overtaxed and can't service the VM. I have two WD Green 2TB drives configured as a single data store that are connected directly to the MB. Also have 2 or 3 server OSs on an SSD. I've tried powering off the VM but it is stuck at 95%. In the past hard resetting the host has resolved the issue but I dont view this as an acceptable solution would like to determine the root cause so as to remedy it rather than bandaid it. Not educated on which logs to look at.Online resources haven't been super helpful. I've also heard the Green drives can be problematic. Any advice?


Sorry if it's too small.

I suppose if I can't resolve the problem I'll chalk it up to a storage error and shell out for this Whitebox SAN icon_cool.gif
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