A+ Certified! Passed 802 yesterday...850/900

CoolITnowCoolITnow Posts: 18Member ■□□□□□□□□□
Happy to report I passed the 802 yesterday with a score of 850/900icon_thumright.gif. I wouldn't say it was harder or easier than the 801 just that some of the questions were oddly worded and some were subjective in nature and had to hope you pick what CompTIA says is right. Still deciding on which cert to do next. Sec+,Net+ or CCNA. Time is of the essence for me. Have been watching CCNA vids for a few days while I decide not just letting time go by. Thanks to everyone on this forum for the motivating and informative posts. Good luck to all who are in the process...On to the next.


  • SharkDiverSharkDiver Posts: 844Member
    Nice score.
    Any of those certs would be a good next step.
    Good luck with whichever you choose.
  • CoolITnowCoolITnow Posts: 18Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks Shark. Would you say CCNA opened more doors for you than did/does Net+? I know not everyone uses Cisco so Net+ being neutral may have a broader appeal.
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