My Job Searching skills are not too good. Where to start?

So I recently completed the CompTIA A+ and I now have to search for an entry level position in Best Buy (Geek Squad), at a Helpdesk, or at an NOC. I've never had a job aside from a stint as a tutor. Where should I start applying, and how many jobs per day should I apply to? As of this point I'm already wasting too much time not applying for jobs.


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    bhcs2014bhcs2014 Member Posts: 103
    Skip Best Buy if you can.. Just apply to every entry-level job you see. Even if jobs ask 1-3 years exp. if you think you can do the job go ahead and apply. Also don't be afraid to follow up, this can do wonders. Look on Indeed/CL/Careerbuilder for postings. If you don't mind me asking, are you in North or South Jersey?
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    DissonantDataDissonantData Member Posts: 158
    I am currently in Central North Jersey and I'm not sure if there are too many jobs in this area. There are places like Parsippany and Fairfield that might have some jobs. What type of education will those entry level jobs require aside from an A+?
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    bhcs2014bhcs2014 Member Posts: 103
    Some require education, some don't. Shame you aren't in South Jersey, tons of jobs there. I was actually in the same position as you (A+ and minimal experience) and landed a job in South Jersey.
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    AnonymouseAnonymouse Member Posts: 509 ■■■■□□□□□□
    For some jobs I have gone directly to a companies website and browsed their careers section. Sometimes they don't seem to post ads in typical places I would look for jobs. This has worked out great for me.

    Craigslist has worked out really good too. It's how I found a few full time jobs before getting into IT. I also found my current job on there.

    Job sites such as Dice or Indeed seem to work well for a lot of people. In my experience it got me jobs. But, every time it was because a temp agency saw my resume on there. Every job I've gotten on a job site has been a dead end short term temp position. It also results in a lot of recruiters calling me trying to offer me minimum wage and 2-3 hour commutes with no benefits. I don't think anyone actually reads your resume or profile on those sites. I think they just look at a few of your qualifications and hope they can reel you in. If they did read my profile they wouldn't call me about part-time temp contracts in other states.
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    White WizardWhite Wizard Member Posts: 179
    If Geek Squad is all you can find, then and only then would I recommend it.

    I try not to speak badly of companies so I'll leave it at that.

    I use indeed and LinkedIn.
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    PolynomialPolynomial Member Posts: 365
    This is completely anecdotal but I actually see SimplyHired finding more jobs than Indeed does. (for me, at least in the Boston area)
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    XyroXyro Member Posts: 623
    There are a lot worse places to work than Best Buy.

    As for where: Indeed, Dice, LinkedIn, Snagajob, USAJOBS, and my state's job source site are where I spend the most time. I also have on my list: Monster, Beyond, and Juju; however, I do not mainly use these. I don't like Craigslist. All I see on there are the usual 2 or 3 scams a day. Getting familiar with what companies are in your area and then going directly to their websites and searching their jobs/employment sections is something else you may wish to do. You can also search recruiter websites. Myself, I have had the most "bites" on Indeed and Dice.

    In terms of how many jobs per day, I am glad you asked. I was pondering this same question myself. Whatever you decide I will advise you to keep notes/records of who you applied to, what the position was, which resume you used, and any additionally applicable notes because it can get confusing lol.

    Good luck!
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    kohr-ahkohr-ah Member Posts: 1,277
    I just wanted to agree with above.

    I've had callbacks a month later that I just assumed had no interest and went... Uh....

    I usually save the posting as a pdf and just make a text file with the same name if when I applied to it, etc
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