CISSP failed with 670 - 13.03.14

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Unfortunately yesterday i have failed with 670. I studied very hard and every day in 3 months. Exam was not very hard and just i expected. I had no problem with concept of domains but the exam strategy. I have lost concentration after the break and concentration chain was broken and i could not manage it. It is because i never tested me with 250 question (i guess). Maybe i am not a good test taker but i must be. I completed in 5 hours 15 minutes and i did not have much time for reviewing all questions. I think my time management also was bad. I am sure if someone were me and has skill with good time management and exam strategy could pass the my exam :D and one thing for test center. Chairs were completely uncomfortable :D

Exam questions were just perfect, no tricky questions and directly testing your knowledge. Some of questions were little bit complex, which combines multiple domains and merged in a scenario. You might spent more time for them. Some of questions were piece of cake also you might spent little bit more time cause you do not expect that kind of easy question and reading again and again :D. I think 5-6 drag and drop questions, nothing to worry about.

Exam side effects were, brain melting feelings, headache, back and neck pain :D Honestly i am not mentally collapsed after exam cause i know that i could do it if i concentrated well after break and if i used time well enough. Next of my preparation will be studying little more of my weakest domains and trying to build a good exam strategy.

If you study well enough you will pass the exam. Do not waste to much time on numbers, values and such things in any domain just try to grasp the concept of the domain. And also do not underestimate any topic and any detail in which study book you are using. You can have very unexpected questions that you skipped in book.

By the way i think ISC2 is not using numbers anymore to indicate weakest and strongest domains just they are listing from low to high. My exam performance from low to high;

Security Architecture and Design ( I have lost concentration during exam)
Legal, Regulations, Investigation and Compliance (Honestly i do not studied as hard as other domains)
Physical Security ( Not studied as hard as other domains )
Software Development Security ( This domain i need to study more )
Operations Security ( Not studied very hard )
Access Control ( Studied very hard to this domain )
Cryptography (Studied very hard to this domain)
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (Studied very hard to this domain)
Telecommunication and Network Security (Studied very hard to this domain)
Information Security Governance and Risk Management (Studied very hard to this domain)

Final words, just study, study and study do not underestimate the exam even if you know very well, your test strategy could fail you as i am experienced. I am planning to retake exam one month later, during this time i will deal with test taking tips and focusing my weakest domain.

I wish all the best for those who will sit for exam and also for me :D

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    What do you mean by "Don't focus on numbers?". Also, I hate to see that you failed the exam. I am too planning to write the exam in a month. PM me your Skype ID, as I can use your tips to study. Good luck for the next time.
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    emerald_octaneemerald_octane Member Posts: 613
    the provided metrics won't include things like percentages because some of the questions are experimental and others can include multiple domain topics, such as BCP and PhysSec
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