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I'm studying for the VCP DCV 5.1 and am having a heck of a time finding the evaluation for VMware VSphere Server 5.1 - either the installer or virtual appliance.

I keep stumbling into the evaluation for 5.5 but cannot for the life of me figure out how to get 5.1

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!


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    When you login to download the product, if you go to Downloads -> All Products, click on VMware vSphere and under the select version, you can chose the version of vSphere (vCenter/ESXi) you want to download. Since it's a trial, it will most like be grayed out so so you'll need to click on Get Free Trial if you haven't tried it yet.
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    Hmmm. Thanks for the info, but I CANNOT seem to find the 5.1 trail.

    Every time I hit VMware Vsphere and choose "5.1" as the version, the option to get an evaluation disappears!

    I wonder if it's no longer available?

    That would make labbing for the VCP 5.1 a lot harder...
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    Ya I don't think it well let you download older evaluations once a new version is released. Prior downloads are available for those who have the relevant licenses in their account. Maybe someone you know can make a copy for you?

    Pretty annoying but Microsoft does the same thing. Hold onto those ISO's people, you may want them later.
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    It's common for vendors to only allow evaluation of the latest version of their software, so you can only evaluate 5.5

    Licensed customers can download older versions for as long as those versions are still supported.
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