CISSP Exam in 3 weeks.

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I have my CISSP exam in 3 weeks and I need help with final preparations. It seems the more I try to study the more I get tired of reading the material and take practice exams. Time is also not on my side with so many family obligations. I have used several resources that have been mentioned in the CISSP forums on this site and while they all are helpful I still do not feel prepared. What is a good measure of when I will be ready for the exam? Any advice, help, tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated. I am very happy for those that have passed this exam and I want to join the ranks of those people so bad. Thanks in advanced!



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    Goto and get the paid account, if you don't have one already. It only costs 50USD but, helps a lot. Try to solve 250 questions in 6 hours. This practice will make your mind and body used to the tiresome exam. Also, once you have gone through with the questions a couple of time, generate a new quiz and select the "Unattempted Questions Only" setting this time. This will get you a new set of questions. Try to answer these and try to score up to 80%. If you manage to pull it off, consider yourself prepared. Good Luck!
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    Hi Meklo, also have my exam very soon March 31st to be exact... Hope all preparations will be enough, currently I think exhaustion will work against me...
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    Passed my exam today, hope you passed yours as well...

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    Congrats Promisep, hopefully OP follows soon with a pass of his own
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    Congrats! What were your study regimen if you don't mind sharing?
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    Congratulations Promisep! I postponed my exam because I am too nervous to take it and not 100% confident. How did you prepare and what materials did you use? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    I know the feeling of not being 100% confident, had the same feeling the night before... Test day had a solid breakfast, did not think about stuff which I felt needed more time when driving to test centre, had energy drink and original H2O about 50min before exam starts to counter being exhausted...

    What helped me pass the exam was the study group we had at the office, the discussions we had really solidified the concepts in my mind

    Shon Harris 6th Edition, 5th edition videos and audio
    Eric Conrad 2nd Edition (thanks to cccure notification, got the book for only USD1 :) )
    Sybex Study guide 6th Edition
    (ISC)2 Official guide (only read a few pages, but used the question at the end of each domain to test myself)
    Information Security and Risk Management free course from

    Came across some really good summaries as well...
    Syed Asad Ali CISSP Notes - very good summary, used this a lot in my last week of prep
    Sunflower CISSP Summary
    CISSP CBK Review by Alfred Ouyang - only used the 250 question assessment (Mervin Pearce also published the questions here CISSP Assessment – 250 Questions Online – Creative Commons)

    cccure paid test engine
    Security University test engine
    Techtarget CISSP Practise
    CISSP Practice - Vallabhaneni, S. Rao
    Online CISSP Flashcards

    Not forgetting the great tips and advise from this forum, really great

    I finished in 5hrs then took a 5min break to answer natures call and used the last hour to review flagged question which were less than 20 and ended exam with 15min on the clock left.

    GOOD LUCK with your preps, hope you make it too...

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    Thank You Promisep for the great information and for the great advice! Myself and the other forum CISSP users should surely benefit from the information you provided us! I will keep you posted on the progress and hopefully I too will be able to reply to this thread with a " I PASSED" message. Thanks again!
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    Please share Syed Asad Ali CISSP Notes
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