net+ without any hands on work easily accomplished?

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I am currently about 3/4 through my mike meyers a+ book and about ready to take the test, the book has been quite a easy read in part because I feel like I already know a lot of the material. Net+ is different though, I don't have much experience setting up or configuring networks at all. Can this cert be obtained through just studying? I'm seeing a lot of tech school programs that teach this over the course of a long period of time which is not really something I'm interested in.. seeing as these programs go over A+ as well which is something I don't need formal education on (I've built and troubleshooted pc's for awhile).


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    u don't need to set up any network or lab to do this cert at all......there are lots of materials in this certs & can be overwhelming sometimes if u don't possess any networking background......lots of new info, numbers, names & definations to the book very carefully & thoroughly 1-2 times then take notes of stuff that u have trouble memorizing.....there are several videos in youtube bout net+ specialy professor messar channel is a great resource....the test is easy...u will make it....
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    I had no professional IT experience but with a background similar to yours and it took me a month of study to pass the exam with a score of 861. So Yes it can be done!

    In my opinion Tech school programs would be good for practical certifications like CCNA where you need to use equipment or simulations which would help later in day to day on the job situations.

    However, the material is too theoretical and requires Professor Messer or CBT as a supplement. Also since you have no experience like me go for Mike Meyers book because it does a good job of explaining the concepts to someone who is new. I had to buy this book after i bought EXAM CRAM which was more difficult for me.

    For subnetting i suggest:
    1. Subnetting Practice Questions - check the Tutorials which are easily followed
    2. - this video made it all click for me ( check this after you used the above link first! )
    3. - Free Subnetting Questions and Answers Randomly Generated Online - practice Questions

    Good Luck!
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    what book do you guys recommend? I have mike meyers A+ and its great so far, is exam cram better though?
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    Cram books are great if you have experience and need a light review, or you are done preparing and need a quick overview/review before the exam.

    The A-I-O is a terrific book to prepare when one has limited experience and knowledge.

    Each book satisfies different candidate needs.
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    jam3s121 wrote: »
    what book do you guys recommend? I have mike meyers A+ and its great so far, is exam cram better though?

    No, Exam Cram is good if you already know the material and just need to brush up.
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