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Long story short, I registered for the OSCP PWB once upon a time years ago, but I was in Iraq at the time, crap for internet, etc. I downloaded the videos, became very familiar with Backtrack, the tools, their uses, network pentesting, basic scripting, etc. Honestly a lot of it was just a detailed walk-through of the basics I knew. It was a great help, but because of my time restraints and internet access at the time I was only able to get in to their lab once or twice, and never attempted the certification. A year or two later, I payed to upgrade from PWB2 to PWB3, just to be rapidly deployed a week later and never get around to finding the differences or using the lab, again.

What I'm wondering is how different is the PWK from PWB3? I've been playing with Kali in my free time, I know the file structure is different, and it does give me issues when I try to go completely through the terminal. The tool list seems different as well, which makes me wonder how the focus has shifted on the PWK course.

Does anyone have experience with the PWB3 course and the PWK course? If so can I rely on the tools detailed in PWB3 course in order to take the PWK certification, or should I suck it up and pay to upgrade again? I'm looking at a week of Vacation in the end of June, then 4 days off for July 4. I'm thinking about getting the 30 days lab access, hitting it hard on the weekends, then all of my vacation, then putting the test in the July 4th time frame.

Any other information on it would be greatly appreciated. I'm not new to security, just new to trying for the certifications.


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    I can't really speak to the differences in the course material and labs...but pentesting with Kali is no different from pentesting with Backtrack. Different OS, but tools are tools. If anything...there are actually less tools in Kali Linux.

    I don't know many people that have made it on only 30 days access. I'd recommend 60 days at minimum. I did it while I was in the military too. Its difficult, but possible. Just dedicate a couple hours each evening and most of your weekend for a couple months. Good luck man.

    Do you do any pentesting in the military?
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    Yeah, I'll see how I manage with my own labs from now until June, their labs in June, and the test in July.

    Nope, right MOS, wrong assignments. Getting out in December, trying to get in to the pentest field on the civilian side. Knocking out certs for the next few months, then resumes and job searches.
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    I did a month with PWB in the fall, then had to take a couple month break before starting back. PWK came out during that break, and I paid the upgrade and extended my labs. New material is nice - they have updated it pretty much across the board - much more then just updating for the changes in Kali - and was well worth the small fee. The labs seem a bit better as well - some updated hosts, some new ones, etc.
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    Thanks, it sounds like it might be worth it for the updated materials. I guess if I'm going to do it, I should do it right.
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