Passed the CISSP 3/14 1ST Attempt

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Passed the CISSP on first attempt on 3/14. Had been planning to take the test for a long time but didnt get serious about studying until January. Took InfoSec Boot Camp, stidied AIO, bought Studiscope questions. I was really suprised at the number of management level questions that were on the test. Not too technical at all. I didn't think it was the monster I thought it would be. Very fair exam and very passable. A test of endurance though.


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    Well done mate!

    Are there any particular areas you wish you'd studied more of?
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    There were alot of Telecom/Networking questions. I wish I had not spent so much time trying memorize level of Orange Book and Common Criteria.
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    Thanks for that. Gotta admit, I flicked through the Common Criteria and it struck me as comparatively worthless to a lot of the other content of the course. Belongs in a museum rather than in a modern qualification.
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    Congrats and thanks for the feedback, good to hear positive expereinces.
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    its an great achievement, I am targeting for CISSP in June and following the Offical ISC CBK and then cccure, please advice if other then good stuff for exam.
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