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I have been in IT since 2000. I have my MCSA in 2008. I also have my B.S. in information system security. I love security but I am discourage as to what is needed to get my CISSP. CISSP has always been a goal I want to accomplish. I have several books and have read a lot of them. I guess my questions is this.

Should I get my Security + first and then study for my CISSP?
What test prep sites should I use to study for both?
What practice exam sites would be best to study for them?
How long should I study for?

I really want this but it seems overwhelming. HELP!!!!!!!!!


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    If you really want to get through this successfully, follow the following plan. It doesn't matter if you don't have too much experience in the field.

    - Read "Shon Harrid AIO Guide to CISSP - 6th Edition" (Understand the concepts, instead of memorizing all the technical detail)
    - Read "Eric Conrad Guide to CISSP CBK - 2nd Edition"
    - Get a paid membership for "" and do their practice tests
    - Go through this document and try to memorize it all, since it's the summary of all the CISSP domains.
    - Do as many practice tests as you can and train your mind and your body to endure the 6 hour long exam

    Believe me, if you do this sincerely, CISSP will soon become a reality for you. Good Luck.
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    Thank you so much Profezzor. That document is AWESOME!!!
    I think I will do my Security + in 4 weeks and then SSCP and the CISSP. It seems like logical steps to build upon one another.
    I need to resign up to
  • Moxie1Moxie1 Member Posts: 11 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Could this document also be used to study for SSCP?
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    I did the Security+ exam, the company paid for the exam costs and I wanted that behind me as some programs require it as a minimum. this gives me the time I need to study CISSP material without presure of not having the the minimum certs. at the end of the day, CISSP trumps Security+ so you could save your self the time.
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    Based on your degree and experience I would nix out the Shon Harris AIO book, I read through that and it was a beating and I found myself zoning out quite a bit (seriously that book probably did more damage to my studies then good).

    Eric Conrad's two books CISSP guide and 11th hour CISSP were more than sufficient.

    You don't need a CCure membership there are plenty of free questions and discussions to be had. I read the SAN's PDF's on areas I wanted to know more about Google is your friend icon_biggrin.gif.

    The doc referenced by TheProfezzor is super solid, and memorizing that helped me fly through the technical questions.

    I sat the exam in about 3-4 hours I don't remember now. You can prepare with 2 hours a day in about a month.

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    Philz, where did you go for free questions?
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    Moxie1 wrote: »
    Philz, where did you go for free questions?

    Google, not to be sarcastic I just don't remember. I googled CISSP questions.
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    dear moxie1, i'd recomend u to get the security+ cause lot of the materials in CISSP will be familier to u after u read the security+ books & take the, u can consider & research on CASP cert by compTIA which is the CISSP version of CompTIA. that sure will give u a good edge & another respectable cert under ur belt......just another pointer, CCNA Security is pretty awesome & not that hard either & it's vendor specific also....good luck..
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