brain-fart Vmware 5.1 host IP to VM IP translation for LAN

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Hey guys,

I'm having a hard time understand what I'm doing wrong.

Basically I have a pretty beefy home network sporting a Sonicwall TZ 210, HP Procurve 2910al-48G-POE switch with a few cisco AP's and I have two custom built i7 computer with 32 GB's of ram each and dual nics in them both.

My home network is my gateway obvious is my Sonicwall which is well I have one of the i7 computer hosting ESXi 5.1 on it with a management IP of and the second nic has a IP of

I've been able ot make a switch0 (default) and a switch1 - the management IP is on switch0 ( and I'd like to map the IP that is on the second nic to the Windows Server 2008 R2 server on the ESXi host.

However now this is where I'm drawing a blank and perhaps I'm just burned for the day; what the frig do I set the VM host which is a 2008 R2 installation so it can talk to the rest of my network? - I can ping both the .12/.14 from my Windows 7 gaming PC @ all day long and I log into the server over the management port at .12 but I can't for the death of me map the 2nd nic to the 2008 R2 VM. What the heck am I doing wrong? - Do I need to place the server on there own Vlan and enable routing for this to work? - I was hoping not too but if I have to sure...

Update: nevermind I figured it out I got a can of coke and took a leak and I had a Eureka moment!


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    So what was it, if you don't mind sharing with the class?
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    I ended up having to restart the ESXi host; it was weird. for some odd reason the VM's wouldn't do NAT translation to my network backbone. As soon as the physical server was rebooted and I launch vClient to pop back into the host and then launch the VM's the VM's were able to connect to the existing physical DC I have on my home network.

    I'm now building a two host Dell R610 VMware 5.1 cluster with all of my test servers (10 to be exact) on one host and have the other in a HA stance. This weekend I'm doing a P2V migration from my current i7 systems to these R610's. Plus I have one more R610 that I'm using as a physical DC that's not virtualized. It's really a over-kill home testing setup. so needless to say I'm bound to have flukes, but it's so much funny figuring it out!

    What funny is I'm not even certified in most of it but I've figured it out with self-study books; the network is functioning perfectly fine too.

    My goal is to be CCNP, VCP. MCSE, and if possible Sonicwall certfied so this hardware is here to help me have the right tools.
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