Nested lab on for a few days gives error?

Asif DaslAsif Dasl Member Posts: 2,116 ■■■■■■■■□□
As the title says, I've left a nested lab on a few times over a few days (1 to 3 days) and I get this error:

Virtual machine creation may fail because agent is unable to retrieve VM creation options from the host (vmodl.fault.HostCommunication).

I found this blog, and I pinged everything. I can ping from the vCenter Server to the host when I get this error but I can't ping from host to the vCenter Server. Strange.

I loose all communication with the host for no reason, DNS & Reverse are fine. I have to do a reboot to restore communication... restarting the services doesn't help.

I don't get this with a physical lab... it's 5.5 U1 but it was the same with 5.5 GA. VMware Tools didn't help either.

Anybody running a nested lab over a few days or are you all turning it off once you've done what you wanted to do?


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