CCNP Security 300-208

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Hi .. I'm need to get CCNP Security and I saw that exams will change in April 24, so it will not let me so much time to study for olders exams Like Firewalls and VPN. so I decide to start studying for the news exams. I will try first the exam 300-208. Anyone already taked this exam? Do you guys have any advice ? There are any way to make some labs like we did for CCNA ? In this exam there will be any Lab like these?



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    Took and passed this one today - not at all what I was led to believe. I cannot comment on the content as per the NDA, but I think it helps engineers to ensure they understand ISE and the broader AAA/Dot1X implementation and any systems that might be involved in it. Keep in mind that green field ISE implementations are rare and that TACACS+ and other legacy or key systems are commonplace and still require attention.

    Labbing did help master ISE, but I would expand the hands-on to include other systems in use, and the configuration of those capabilities on the NADs to ensure you are actually gaining the right knowledge. The ISE & BYOD Cisco Press book and the AAA & Identity Management books were very helpful in getting up to speed.
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    Hi Guys,

    Just want to refresh the topic. Anyone passed ? I would like to know what to focus on etc ?
    What labs are about ?
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    I am currently studying for this test. I have the OCG and the AAA book. Unfortunately I do not have access to ISE, so for me it's all learning from the book without any hands-on for ISE icon_sad.gif. I work with AAA\TACACS+ everyday.
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    I passed this Monday. I'd say to focus on the different EAP methods and how the work with Cisco ISE. ISE is huge on the exam.
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