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Im not an Apple person don't ever use them much. I have just looked at IPads and from what I gather is it the case that Flash don't work on IPads?

As I have problems viewing things such as Youtube the videos don't seem to want to play is this a flash issue?

If so How can I get Youtube to work on my IPads?

I know about the Youtube App but the Youtube App is not good when you go through a Proxy.

So how can I get youtube to work on the IPads?
any ideas.


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    Ipad will play your YouTube videos.
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    Flash is terrible and should be abolished, in my opinion.

    Are you using Safari to try to view YouTube? Also, what problems are you having exactly? With your description, I can't really tell what errors you're getting other than "it just doesn't work".
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    Youtube App will work through a proxy like any other App like Safari, Chrome, Weather, etc.

    You just need to set the proxy back in the wifi settings.

    Go Settings > Wifi > Select the Wifi you're using > scroll to the bottom and choose the correct proxy type and then enter the details. if you use Auto and require Authentication, it will pop up and ask for the authentication details.

    hope this helps.

    ps. Flash will only work if there is an App for the site, Youtube / Mathletics / etc.
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