VPN definition : sometimes a little bit confusing

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Self-Paced Training Kit Exam 70-642: Configuring Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure: Tony Northrup, J.C. Mackin: 9780735651609: Amazon.com: Books
In this book, I have read the two definitions below :

Page 322 : "IPSEC tunnels are not supported for remote access VPN scenarios."
Page 333 : "Tunnel rule - Use this rule type to configure IPSEC tunnel mode for VPN gateways"

My understanding of VPN concept from these two definitions is ; there are two kinds of VPNs : remote access and site-to-site. But ; if IPSEC "client-to-gateway" Tunnel mode is considered as a kind-of "remote access" VPN, the definition of page 322 is not totally true.

In the same subject, I found an uncommon definition of Transport/Tunnel modes in the book below (page 191):MCTS 70-642 Cert Guide: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring: Don Poulton: 9780789748300: Amazon.com: Books
"Transport mode: Enables you to secure transmissions within a single network,
such as server-to-server or client-to-server"
"Tunnel mode: Enables you to secure transmissions between two networks,"

Is that definition of "Transport mode" saying that L2TP/IPSEC could not work in an inter-network scenario ?I think, a beginner in the network Infrastructure world can be easily lost into these definitions ???


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