Can i ping from serial port in router To anther router in fastetherent port

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Can i ping from serial port in router
To anther router in fastetherent port
For example
I have a problem and i don not find the correct way to solve it
I have two router connects together
Router1 has in serial port an
And router2 has in serial port an
Router 2 has in fastetherent port an
When i ping to that is correct ,success rate is100 precent
When i ping to
Success rate is 0 precent


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    Think about your layer 2 and layer 3 connections.
    Are all interfaces up and up?
    If you do show cdp neighbor do the device all appear correctly?
    If you do show ip route do you see routes to each device?

    Do you have access to packet tracer? This would allow you to watch the ping in simulation mode and see where it fails.

    In the future please do your best to explain what steps you have tried. Most members will make an effort to help you find your mistakes if you show your work first.

    Good Luck!
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    Adding to Jon_Cisco list use show ip interface brief.
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    Thank's my friend for your help
    Next time i do my best to explain in a good way
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    I am able to ping from one router, across the serial interface, to another router's Ethernet port without issue. This is using a T1 between routers. Hope this helps, if not post your configs and let us have a look.
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    Maybe put a static route so the fa0/0 can find a way back to S0/0?
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