Best Oracle Certs for Security Architecture / Engineering?

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I am an info security analyst, looking to add some technical experience/training to my skillset and (hopefully) a certification to my CV. My current job responsibilities include focus on data privacy compliance (PCI, Safe Harbor, GLBA, HIPAA, etc), architecture and code design reviews. My plans are to leverage current experience with Oracle experience/training to advance into a security engineer / security architecture role.

I have experience from a previous job with setting up and administering Oracle 9i, and limited current experience working with Oracle 10g. Reaching out to this group for suggestions on a particular cert track to pursue the associated training.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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    junaid375junaid375 Member Posts: 14 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I have worked in Oracle for 6 years. There is no security cert specific to Oracle.
    There is one for Solaris (on top of its highest cert).
    There is one for Oracle Partners (Security Implementation Specialist)...

    for Security certs, you have to look outside Oracle and target a cert from ISC2 or ISACA.
    Your knowledge of Oracle Software will not play a vital role in those certs.

    For Security Architecture, look for SABSA course in your area, its a really good training.
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