Boson CCENT simulator questions

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I'm looking for anyone that has the Boson CCENT software.

On some of the lab sims, the answers dont make sense and the explanation Boson gives does not make sense either so I was hoping to find someone or a group of those with this software to talk about certain problems.

For example, I don't understand this vlan problem:

SimletE2 642

Which of the following should you do to configure HostD with valid addressing information?

With this problem I identified that host D along with B and C are on vlan 20. Why would the host info be different on one host and not the other? Should not all 3 hosts have the same default gateway, subnet mask, and corresponding IP address such as,, etc. when in the same vlan ?

I took the CCENT last week and got 722 so anyone that can help I would greatly appreciate it as some of the labs don't make sense to me.
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