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Good morning, TE, hope all is well with everyone. I have a question pertaining to ITU Online (IT University). About a year or so ago, I saw one of those fantastic groupon deals where you get an 18 month subscription to ITU Online for cheap. Since I didn't have a job but knew that studying for the CCNA would be beneficial, I dropped some cash and subscribed. Due to getting a job less than a month later, death of my father, and life in general, I haven't spent too much time with their service. I was messing around with LastPass today and noticed an entry for ITU Online and decided to log in and muck about. All of that set up for this question: has anyone else subscribed to the CCNA videos through ITU Online and, if so, were they helpful? I ask, primarily, because I have read mixed reviews and wanted the opinions of those who've used it in their study arsenal.

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    Hey Stryder.
    Off-topic, but I just joined the forums and thought I would say hello to a fellow Colorado person. How is the new job coming along?
    I am enrolled at Arapahoe in littleton for the AAS in Network Technology.
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    Stryder, I signed up for them as well. I haven't made much headway since I have a few other things on my plate to take care of first, but I'm curious as well as to whether or not they were helpful.

    I'm not looking for them to be the end all / be all of studying and encompass 100% of everything needed because that isn't realistic, but I am hoping they provide some value in conjunction with hands-on and some of the other book / course material.
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